biography - lawrence frey

Lawrence Frey owns Appalachian Glass, a full-service leaded glass and stained glass studio serving EasternLawrence Frey Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. His approach is simple; capture moments of beauty in stained glass. His fascination with the art of stained glass was cultivated at an early age when he apprenticed for Fred Leuchs, a master New York stained glass artist, while attending Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. His teacher’s career, which spanned almost the entire twentieth century, led him to own and operate one of the largest stained Stained Glass Contemporary Doorglass studios in New York City, and to build some of the world’s most famous stained glass windows, including works by Frank Lloyd Wright and Marc Chagall. With this tradition under his belt, Lawrence, a painter by nature, was prepared to apply the language of stained glass to his art and began seriously pursuing the craft as a profession in 1998. His stained glass designs have touched many, with their simple attention to natural form. His stained glass panels reflect an innate peace, a passion for the natural world, and an elemental love of all things beautiful. His stained glass artworks are made for residential, architectural and ecclesiastic spaces all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. The work generally follows one of two paths, natural forms, or contemporary styling, which also follows natural composition and flow. In the Fall of 2009, Lawrence’s largest project to date was completed; the historic 1888 Chestnut Hill Church in Coopersburg, PA. He successfully designed, fabricated and installed 8 new stained glass windows to represent the four seasons of life. In 2012, Saint Miriam Church, in Blue Bell, PA, commissioned him to design and build a stained glass window spanning a space over 40 feet in the main sanctuary. The piece was finished in the spring of 2012 with much compliment and accolade.

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