your local PA stained glass artist

As a stained glass artist local to you in Pennsylvania, it is my vision to make stained glass art as accessible as possible. Whether it takes the form of a traditional window hanging, room divider, or an unusual stained glass panel, it is my aim as a local stained glass artist, that the work remains personalized and appropriate to each individual client and room decor environment. Because I am a local stained glass artist, I come to you, and gather information about your taste and lifestyle. Commissioning a piece of stained glass therefore, becomes and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

I believe that when searching for a local stained glass artist, most clients are looking for someone who can incorporate their own ideas with something a bit unusual and surprising for stained glass. Check out some examples of my local stained glass work.

For over 18 years I have worked as a stained glass artist locally, and my work stands out as having a quality of balance and peace. Incoporating uncolored and clear glass may be a bit unusual for stained glass, but it keeps the work as light as possible. I consider myself a local stained glass artist with universal appeal.