Commissioning a Stained Glass Piece

Stained Glass Willow Tree

1. Schedule a free in-home consultation.

  Commissioning a work of stained glass is easy. The first in-home appointment is your opportunity to express your style and tell us about your ideas. We measure your space and give you a thoughtful range of ideas and prices to consider. Contact us now to begin commissioning a stained glass piece.


    2. Design and drafting.

    A small deposit will get you started on commissioning unlimited stained glass designs. Review your first designs within a week. Each commissioned stained glass design carries its own price detail within the expected range for you to consider.

    3. Select your own design.

    Choose the design that's right for you. We'll make any changes, and you'll see the final result in print before commissioning your stained glass to be built. With your approval and a 50% construction deposit, your glass art panel is ready for fabrication.

    4. Get ready to be WOWed.

    We will install your new art glass panel, or you have the option of installing it yourself. Enjoy the specially commissioned stained glass panel you helped create.