How is Stained Glass Made?

Some people make the mistake of calling it "stain glass", but it is actually “Stained Glass”. I call it “Leaded Art Glass” because it doesn’t have to be “stained”, or colored. How is stained glass made?  Stained glass is glass that has been melted and made into sheets with certain minerals or purified metal salts added to Frank Lloyd Wright stylegive the glass its characteristic colors. How stained glass is made into windows depends on the method used. Stained glass panels can be made by piecing the glass together into either a matrix of lead channel, or wrapping the glass in copper foil to solder together, thus creating a solid stained glass panel.
All of my work is of the traditional lead-came type of stained glass art used for centuries. How this type of stained glass is made relies on a strip of lead came in the shape of an H channel which wraps around each piece of glass and is soldered together. This traditional technique sxplains how stained glass is made to last for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

How is stained glass made using the copper foil method? Developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933), copper foil is attached to the perimeter of each piece ofHow is stained glass made? glass, and then the pieces are soldered together.

DESIGN: An outstanding stained glass panel is made possible only with a good design. The design is the single most important part of making stained glass. Designing stained glass successfully, will facilitate a beautiful final product.

PATTERN: The first step in actually making stained glass involves a pattern, or "cartoon". A paper pattern is numbered, printed and cut along the lead lines. This is how stained glass is made from paper templates which serve as guides for exact glass cutting.   

GLASS: The paper patterns are placed on a large sheet of stained glass and cut out toStained glass pattern cut out How stained glass is madeexact size using a hand held glass cutter. This is how the stained glass is made to fit together into a single panel.

ASSEMBLY: How each piece of stained glass is made to fit together relies on a strip of lead "H" channel called a came. A coly of the pattern on the worktable will ensure how stained glass is made to the correct size.

SOLDERING: At each lead junction, a neat bead of solder is applied, making the stained glass pieces into a single unit. The reverse is also soldered.
How is stained glass made? Making Stained GlassPUTTYING AND CLEANING: A linseed oil putty is worked into the spaces between the lead and the glass. This is how the stained glass is made stronger and waterproof. The excess putty is removed and the piece is cleaned, making the stained glass ready for installation.