stained glass applications

CUSTOM STAINED GLASS WINDOWS AND DOORS: Stained glass applications can be incorporated into your existing windows and doors to enhance your home decor, increase privacy, or limit sun exposure. Our custom stained glass panels fit snugly over the existing glass in your windows, doors, sidelights and transoms, therefore eliminating the need for expensive all out replacement. Talk to us about custom stained glass applications without the inconvenience of installing new windows and doors.Stained Glass Applications

PRIVACY: We have so many stained glass applications for you when it comes to privacy. Stained Glass applications in the bathroom can eliminate the need for blinds and shades, and are completely waterproof. Custom stained glass panels can be installed in shower and tub surroundings, where privacy is an issue. Stained glass applications in entrance areas such as front doors and sidelights can afford you privacy without sacrificing light.Stained Glass Door

CHURCHES AND PUBLIC SPACE: Transformative stained glass applications used in ecclesiastic and public buildings have a rich history. We have designed and fabricated stained glass applications for church buildings in the Philadelphia and Allentown areas. Our stained glass design will give you a set of stained glass ideas and applications to show you what your project will look like after installation. Check out our stained glass pricing and Contact us for a free appointment to discuss stained glass applications for your church or public space. Whether you are looking for stained glass artists in PA, NJ, or NY, we can achieve a stained glass application everyone will love by working one-on-one with your art committees.

stained glass applicationsWALL ART: Custom stained glass panels can beautify and lighten-up any space in your home, even if you don't have any window space at all. Any stained glass application can be made into a light box and wired to a switch for an instant window-effect. Light box stained glass applications can use low-wattage L.E.D. lighting for effifiency.

HANGING PIECES: Hanging stained glass applications are perfect for room dividers, orunusual stained glass areas of the home that appear to be lacking something, and light is an issue. Custom hanging stained glass room divider panels let in the perfect amount of light, while giving the space a unique feel. A hanging stained glass application can be made in any size or shape, and are specially double-reinforced for safety, and hung without the unsightly chain.

SKYLIGHTS: Stained glass applications look beautiful in a skylight. The colors of a custom stained glass panel change throughout the day for a mesmerizing display.

UNUSUAL APPLICATIONS: Stained glass applications are not limited to windows.  Unusual stained glass applications  include custom stained glass garden panels, stained glass mirrors, etched stained glass, fused glass panels, fused glass drawer pulls, and glass mosaic.