stained glass q&a

I really wanted an antique stained glass panel for my home. Can your work compare to a vintage piece of stained glass?

Since the process of stained glass has remained essentially unchanged for thousands of years, the only thing that changes is our design sensibilities.  Therefore, that perfect piece of antique stained glass that you've been searching for can be replicated using a strong design from years past.  From a design standpoint, if I can get into the mode of thinking from the time period you wish to emulate, I can create an original piece that is virtually indistinguishable from antique.  The advantage is, it will be stronger, fit your exactHandmade Glass specifications, and may even cost less.

Do you stain the glass?

In most cases, no. Most of the glass I use in my panels comes from a seperate manufacturer who specializes in glass making.  The "stain" color comes from various mineral salts being introduced into the molten glass. I am actually able to make certain specialty glass in my studio using the kiln and special fusible glass types.  I can also paint details onto your project using fired-on ceramic pigments.

Privacy is an issue, but I don't want to darken my room.  Will it let the light in?

Yes.  Glass opacity can range from a 1-10 scale where 1 is completely see-through and 10 is completely obscured.  I often use uncolored textured glass that can transmit lots of light, but allows ultimate privacy in areas like bathrooms. While glass choices can limit too much unwanted sunlight and glares, Stained glass overal shouldn't be dark and cavernous.  It should result in a comforting, beautiful light that changes throughout the day.

Your work is so beautiful, but I could never afford it!

I am so glad you like my work. I aim to make beautiful glass art affordable to anyone who wants it. Let's design something together that will fit your budget and look great in your space.  If we stick with something simple, and smaller, the piece will cost less overall.  There is also that inevitable leat-time between your projects design phase and its completion, which can make the total payment easier for you. We can even split payments up to make them more manageable. if you are thinking of commissioning a piece in the future, sign my guestbook and we'll keep in touch.

How are the panels installed?

See our stained glass applications section. No, your existing windows do not need to be removed in order to incorporate stained glass.  The stained glass panels can usually fit up against the interior of your existing windows or doors with very little change of your windows and trim.

Can we visit your workshop?

Absolutely!  I love visitors. feel free to make an appointment over the phone, and I will be happy to show you my studio. For those wishing for a custom stained glass piece, it is important to schedule a free in-home visit.  The more information I can gather about your design goals and personal tastes, the better your piece will turn out.  Fill out our contact request form for a free consultation to get started.

How long does it take?

The process of stained glass is admittedly time consuming and cannot be rushed.  If you are sure that you want to enliven your space with an original work that will outlast both you and me, then you will have to wait a bit.  But don't worry, lead times are usually kept to three months.  They can be longer, so it's a good idea to start your project early so we can arrive at a stained glass design and you can be added to the production schedule.

I always wanted stained glass in my home, but I don't know anything about the design.

That's okay. I will ask you questions to get a feel for what you like and dislike, and will come up with a design you will love. Start with an idea, an image or a favorite art piece or theme, and help to unleash my creativity as an artist. Filling out a design questionnaire can get you started in the right direction.

Can you make something small for a gift?

yes!  It is so nice to surprise someone with a gift of an original work of glass art. Check out our shopping pages for some recent works for sale, or lets design something just for them.